Our history

Van Beek EPDM B.V. was founded in 1972 under the name of ‘Handels- en Adviesbureau Van Beek’ as a sole proprietorship.
In the Netherlands, Handels- en Adviesbureau Van Beek started pioneering the supply and application of EPDM sheeting.
Under the flag of Pirelli, the company grew to become specialists in EPDM seals.
When Pirelli decided only to produce tyres, Van Beek took the decision to launch its own VB-EPDM system on the market.

  • 1972: Founding of Handels- en Adviesbureau Van Beek as a sole proprietorship.
  • 1980: Opening of the then new premises on the Heiweg in Geleen.
    With one production line for VB-EPDM membranes.   
  • 1988: Guaranteed VB-EPDM seam joints and all-in warranties.   
  • 1991: A second production line is commissioned.
  • 1994: The then new premises on Vouersweg in Geleen is opened.
  • 1996: The patent on the VB-Thermofix mechanical
    fixing system is obtained.
  • 1998: The first Van Beek website goes live.
  • 1999: Representation of Firestone RubberGard in the Netherlands is acquired.
  • 2012: Move to current premises in Born.
  • 2013: Introduction of EPDM with seams that can be joined with hot air gun on site.