Gutter lines

VB-EPDM membrane strips for gutter liners.

VB-EPDM sheeting is excellent for the lasting sealing of gutters. Leaking zinc gutters that are otherwise very difficult to be soldered due to corrosion can also be repaired simply and permanently with VB-EPDM sheeting. VB-EPDM gutter sealing systems consist of ribbon-shaped EPDM strips that are fitted into the guttering, together with made-to-measure sealing sleeves, adhesives, sealing compounds and water outlets.
VB-EPDM seals are also available as made-to-measure 3D shapes. During fabrication the VB-EPDM sheeting is vulcanised to match the existing angles.

VB-EPDM gutter liners can be supplied without seams in extremely long lengths. This reduces the number of necessary seam joints at the construction site and therefore saves valuable application time. Another benefit is the low weight, which means the supporting structure is not put under much stress. VB-EPDM can be applied over traditional gutter liners such as mineralised bitumen. VB-EPDM sheeting is UV-resistant and does not leach out. This also makes it ideal for use in grey water systems on which stringent demands are made on the quality of the rainwater that  is collected.

VP-EPDM membranes consist of rubber sheeting of the highest European quality. They are created by the bespoke vulcanisation of strips of EPDM sheet and come in a selection of thicknesses. This results  in seamless and homogenous VB-EPDM membranes that precisely meet the standards set. Each membrane comes with a corresponding certificate and installation instructions. VB-EPDM  rubber has a very favourable environmental impact factor and it is ecologically sound. The environmental effects during its whole life cycle are extremely low.