Fish ponds and decorative ponds

VB-EPDM membranes for decorative ponds, swimming ponds and fish ponds.

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VB-Fishpond EPDM sheeting for your pond. A pond in your garden is a sheer joy. Whether you choose a decorative pond with water lilies, a swimming pond or a modern pond with colourful fish. A dream pond for you and an extra dimension for nature. Thanks to its elasticity, this exclusive, high-quality rubber sheeting product has an extraordinarily long lifespan.
VB-Fishpond EPDM sheeting is UV resistant and does not contain any plasticisers. This enables the sheeting to stay supple and retain its elasticity. Another important aspect is that VB-Fishpond EPDM sheeting is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. VB-Fishpond sheeting can be made to measure in three dimensions and in almost any shape or size required.

VB-Fishpond EPDM membranes play a crucial role in making your pond watertight.
Exposure to UV radiation, varying temperatures and bacteriological influences place extremely high demands on the membranes. It is also essential to check the ground before installing VB-EPDM membranes. If it does not consist of clean sand or, for instance, if it is made of brickwork, we recommend laying down protective sheeting. Attention must be paid to which cleaning products, chemicals, pesticides and other additives are used in your water. This is to prevent damaging the EPDM sheeting. Not even VB-Fishpond EPDM sheeting can tolerate some products. A resistance list is available on request.

VB-Fishpond EPDM membranes consist of rubber sheeting of the highest European quality. They are created by the bespoke vulcanisation of strips of EPDM sheet and come in a selection of thicknesses. This results in seamless and homogenous VB-EPDM membranes that precisely meet the standards set. Each membrane comes with a corresponding certificate and installation instructions. VB-EPDM rubber has a very favourable environmental impact factor and it is ecologically sound. The environmental effects during its whole life cycle are extremely low.