Riding arenas and trailer floors

VB-EPDM membranes for riding arenas and trailer floors.

VB-EPDM sheeting forms a key part of the ebb and flow riding surface of your stable or arena. On a drained riding arena, it is extremely important that the soil is not allowed to dry out. This is prevented by placing a high-quality seal beneath the sand layer.
For this reason, VB-EPDM is supplied in the exact size required. If necessary, we will add the required lead-throughs and/or drainage. VB-EPDM rubber flakes in the indoor or outdoor arena, used in conjunction with sand, ensure safer conditions. The rubber has a springy quality which helps break falls. Consequently both horse and rider are better protected.

VB-EPDM membranes can be supplied as a single prefabricated piece measuring up to 3,000 m2 and complete with all lead-throughs. If larger sizes are required and at the request of the customer, we can also make the sheeting to measure on site. With indoor and outdoor arenas, it is essential to check the ground before installing VB-EPDM membranes. If it does not consist of flat surface without any sharp objects, we recommend laying down protective sheeting before laying down the VB-EPDM membrane. VB-EPDM sheeting also protects your horse in the trailer. Another benefit of fitting VB-EPDM sheeting on the floor and/or walls is that it reduces wear and tear on your trailer.

VB-EPDM membranes consist of rubber sheeting of the highest European quality. They are created by the bespoke vulcanisation of strips of EPDM sheet and come in a selection of thicknesses. This results in seamless and homogenous VB-EPDM membranes that precisely meet the standards set. Each membrane comes with a corresponding certificate and installation instructions. VB-EPDM rubber has a very favourable environmental impact factor and it is ecologically sound. The environmental effects during its whole life cycle are extremely low.